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Incubus in the Night - January 2011: Charles Alexander Moffat

Incubus in the Night, Charles Moffat, 2011

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The Tragic Philosopher

In January 2011 I was contacted by producers for the Travel Channel (Roberts/David Films Inc.), seeking to use my painting "Succubus in Corset" and also looking for a painting of an incubus.

I informed them that very few artists have tackled the topic of incubi. Henry Fuseli is one of the few artists to paint an incubus. See the images below by Henry Fuseli to see what I mean.

In the painting I wanted to focus on the idea that the incubi was more ghost-like, thus I made him transparent. I also decided that he should not appear human in a normal sense, so I made his skin blue (an idea I borrowed from Indian gods, specifically Hare Krishna and Rama).

As a homage to Henry Fuseli I included an image of a Nightmare horse in the background of the painting, an idea he included in all of his incubi paintings.

This is not the first succubi/incubi painting I've been commissioned to make. The previous year I was commissioned to make a Reproduction of the Burney Relief, a sculpture of Lilith (the first succubi according to various myths). Since the TV show only needed a digital copy of the painting "Incubus in the Night" I got to keep the painting and it is now available for sale.

Charles Moffat

Below, Left to Right:
Henry Fuseli's "The Nightmare" - 1781; "The Nightmare II" - 1790; "An Incubus Leaving Two Sleeping Women" - 1810.

Henry Fuseli's The-Nightmare - 1781 Henry Fuseli's The-Nightmare II - 1790 Henry Fuseli's An Incubus Leaving Two Sleeping Women - 1810

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